Jon remettra un Emmy + « Hommage »

18 septembre 2009 Actus Acteurs

Jon Cryer est annoncé parmi les stars qui remettront un Emmy lors de la cérémonie du 20 Septembre. Les autres noms annoncés sont notamment: Alec Baldwin, Chandra Wilson, Kevin Bacon, David Boreanaz, Michael J. Fox, Josh Radnor etc…

La cérémonie sera dirigé par l’excellent Neil Patrick Harris.

Source: TVWeek et Theater Mania

Qu’obtiens t’on lorsque Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh Koothrappali de The Big Bang Theory) parle de Jon Cryer: un hommage.

« Dear Jon,

I never see you anymore now that you are one of two big men on a big show and have been nominated for four primetime Emmys. Even though we work less than 500 feet apart, I saw more of you when we lived 5,000 miles apart. Me in India, you in Hollywood. Back then, I saw you countless hours a day, you know, perfecting your dance, the head tilt, the scrunched face, the slide. … Oh, and those oh-so-smooth spin moves! You got me through a lot: girls, puberty, many an awkward Friday night.

From « Pretty in Pink » to « Hot Shots » to « Two and a Half Men, » you really did go from King of the Nerds to … well, King of the Nerds. I guess what I am trying to say is this: Thank you, thank you Jon, you are a true God-given talent as well as a true God-given gentleman. And when you finally lift your shiny gold statue and you smile your big smile for the cameras and thank the Academy, never forget that you will always and forever be … my Duckie. »


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